Among the many amazing things about Emile Cordon lip treatment are not just the design of the packaging, the beautiful colors, but also the functionality and the experience between your moment at your vanity to the application of the lip treatment to your lips. We intent to create a magical experience which is not just about applying lip care but also a calming and exhilarating sensation. Imagine you wake up in the morning getting ready at your vanity in your Upper East Side apartment with this luxurious formula and you feel like you are ready for the day ahead. Then later you come home at night lathering your lips with this nourishing treatment while soaking yourself in the bathtub relaxing and reflecting yourself feeling pampered. 




At Emile Cordon, we believe that a great lip care routine should be able to recharge and rejuvenate your kisser while experiencing the luxury of facial at your very own home everyday.

What’s so intriguing about Emile Cordon is the way it changes how people treat lip care. Throughout the day and at different time of the day our lips go through every moment with us. We wanted to make sure that our lips stay at the perfect condition and be in harmony no matter what we are doing. It could be having brunch at the iconic Plaza Hotel or wearing a red lipstick for dinner meeting at Per Se. 




We use and source ingredients that are certified and of the best quality. We commissioned a New York perfumer to work on the scents. Everything in this little lip pot needed to be elevated. We wanted to make sure that our clients would receive not just a nicely presented lip treatment but also a formula that could hydrate the lips throughout the day. There is something about the level of moisturization here that is difficult to describe. It is very moisturizing and hydrating, at the same time, it also feels luxurious and classic.


FullSizeRender 30.jpg


The ultimate luxurious moment would probably be to use the lip treatment everywhere and anytime you want. Being the creators of the product, our team had the privilege and luxury to enjoy and lather ourselves in this extremely magical lip treatment. We visited different gardens and labs and experienced all the best formulas and ingredients they have to offer. To be able to test out this amazing products again and again has become a privilege that all our staff enjoy. The process of trying this product on ourselves is so magical and we hope whoever purchase the lip pot will experience the same level of fascination.