Do your lip pots contain petroleum jelly?

No. Our products do not contain petroleum jelly. Instead, we opt for natural ingredients such as castor oil, Vitamin E, and Evening Primrose Oil as our main ingredients.
Do your lip balms contain mineral oil?

No. All our products are formulated with natural botanical oils. We created a signature Emile Cordon's blended oil which combine different types of oil. These natural oils not only moisturizes but also at nourish the lips with vitamins and anti-oxidants.

Does your product contain paraben, preservatives or BHT?

No. All our products do not contain paraben, preservative, or BHT. We use Vitamin E as natural preservatives in the product. 

Do you test on animals?

No. We make sure all our products are cruelty free. We only uses ingredients that are scientifically proven to be beneficial to the lips.
How long do your products last? 

Since our products are all-natural and we do not use any synthetic preservatives, our products have a 12 months shelf life. Please make sure that the products are stored in room temperature.